ZXReader v.2.0.0 Beta2 S60v3 SymbianOS 9.x Signed Update: 19.08.10

نرم افزار برای خواندن کتابهای E-book

از قابلیتهای برنامه :

ساپورت UNICODE, UTF-8, ANSI - WIN-1251
قابلیت تغییر وضعیت نمایش به حالتهای portrait / landscape
مطلوب کردن نمایش فایل متنی بر اساس صفحه نمایش گوشی
ساپورت کنترل سنسور حرکتی - چرخشی در گوشی های شتابسنج دار
قابلیت نمایش تمام صفحه متن
تنظیمات فونت با ساپورت فونتهای ttf
القا روشنایی بیشتر به متن برای بهتر خوانده شدن ( اختیاری و قابل کنترل و تنظیم )
قابلیت کنترل کلمات و هشدار در صورت اشتباه بودن املا کلمه


Key features:

» Supported formats: TXT, FB2, ZIP (containing TXT or FB2), TCR;
» Support for most encodings;
» Automatic change of portrait/landscape mode when the phone turns;
» Support touch control;
» Full screen mode;
» Fonts settings, including third-party *.ttf;
» Pages autoscrolling;
» Backlight control: brightness, constancy;
» Text processing: hyphenation words, bonding lines (cutted into the line of certain width in text editors);
» Split screen on a few active zones, for each of which can to set a certain command.

What's new:

» Minimum font size value 70
» Added beige color from older versions
» Fixed buttons when start the application is started
» Fixed register settings of text
» Fixed problem when adding the departure of some books
» Establish a protection against identity and background colors of any color style
» In the profile added item - Copy
» The lower boundary of the interval between the lines is reduced to values 10
» Commands change the font size change only for the styles that are relevant to text of the book
» Fixed problem with sorting books in the library by date
» Fixed disappearance of the buttons change the encoding to Favorites
» Fixed incorrect processing of the subtitle (tag subtitle) in fb2.
» Fixed bug: when infobar is off it doesn't appear to footnote
» Added commands Exit and Favorite
» Menu in the library and bookmarks, can be close by pressing tab or right soft key
» Fixed bug - When progress in infobar off, the inscriptions raised OSD
» Fixed bug - If in infobar battery indicator in not displayed, progress is not filled with black
» Ability to specify command of more than one screen area
» Fixed bug - a long retention service icons in the menu leads to activation of selection command.
» Changed the order of elements in the profile settings.
» Is returned touch scrolling text, as in version 1.5.0. Disabled by default.
» Added a setting of realization method "bold" font.
» Fixed sorting the lists